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Saturday, May 21, 2011


A letter for friends

They came and go,
They laugh and cried,
Through sharing and loving,
Also knowledge that we gain,

Anything that you do will remain forever,
Anything that you say will be heard whenever,
Until we achieve in what we want,
We still have friends,
A lot of friends,

Do your best,
In whatever you do,
Please remember element & principle of design,
Spread your knowledge,
And we will meet again..

p/s: sorry 4 those who not include in these pic, but to all my friends, gudluck n try your best.. ;)


  1. thanx for posting this, afif. all those things that are unspoken between us, i hope that it's included in are one of my friends that is so RARE to find..and i hope too that whatever you do in your life, you'll succeed in doing it.

    thanx for the memorable pictures as well. i cant type it better than you did already. <3 <3 <3

  2. whaaa! ingat balik, byk giler benda yg kite wat especially this last sem XDDD

    its sad to be seperated but i believe we will somehow meet again. =)

    n i like that element n principal of AD lololl >w<b